"Irmina" in dutch at "soul food comics"

Since October 2016, my graphic novel "Irmina" is out in a dutch version at the publishing house soul food comics
The first edition was very quickly sold, but from December 2016, there will be a second one. 
There are also several reviews about the book which are collected here. On October 14th, it was 5stars-rated and chosen as "book of the week" by the Belgian "De Standdaard", by Toon Horsten: „Je hebt schuld en onschuld, en er is de grijze zone tussen de twee. In de imponierende striproman Irmina stelt de Duitse tekenares Barbara Yelin zich de vraag waar onschold ophoudt en schuld begint.“

"Irmina", soul food comics, hard cover, 288 pages, € 26,95, ISBN: 978-90-824107-3-0. Translation: Sigge Stegeman, edition consultants: Lindy Jense, Marcel Brouwer en Guus van Sonsbeek. Postface by Alexander Korb.